Banish the Holiday Blues

09 Dec Banish the Holiday Blues

christmas-stress-shopping-woman-16157344Not feeling the holiday spirit? Don’t stew-do! Here are 10 ways to spread some holiday cheer:

  1. Hold the door for someone
  2. Compliment a complete stranger
  3. Let that car merge in front of you
  4. Donate used items to a local charity or to TOCs Mitten for Detroit Donation sadgingerbread-480x503Drive (see previous blog for more details)
  5. Give holiday cards to your co-workers
  6. Offer to babysit for a single parent
  7. Let go of a longstanding grudge
  8. Donate party decorations to a nursing home
  9. Play secret Santa to someone in need
  10. Buy a hot holiday toy a local toy drive

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