14 Apr

Easter Gift Ideas

Have you thought about what you are going to put in Easter baskets for loved ones yet? If all you can think of is candy and gift cards, there are a few other ways to personalize them. Here are a few suggestions for those of...

24 Mar

How to Be a Better Co-Worker

You steer clear of microwaving brussel sprouts and bring in donuts every other Friday, but does that actually make you a good co-worker? While you might think you’re being thoughtful to your deskmates and teammates, it’s easy to overlook the rules of office etiquette. So before you...

06 May

Mothers Day Idea

Mothers Day is this Sunday. Have you gotten your mother a gift yet? No! You better hurry. How about a craft project? Everyone is a DIYer these days and those Nifty videos are all over social media. Check out what fun project I did for...