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Smart Office Club Monthly Reviews

January 2016

pak itPak- It Spray Bottle and Cleaner

I gave the products to my custodian and she said “Yes I used it (the Pak-iT Spray Bottle and Cleaner) and I thought it worked well; left no streaks and had a pleasant smell, the size of the bottle was great!” Kim H


I found the Pak-IT Spray Bottle and Cleaner to be okay.  Found it to leave a film. Betty L


PAK-IT 32oz Trigger Spray Bottles

The spray bottle works great. There is no plastic scent that transfers into liquid. Bottle works till the last drop.

PAK-IT Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

The pre-measured concentrated cleaner is big clean in a little package. It cleans great, and leaves surfaces streak free. This formula really cuts through grease. Ellen B


Pak- It was a product that I was eager to try and I was severely disappointed. The solution pack took a very long time to dissolve. When it was finally ready for use the product was disappointing I sprayed it on our front windows and before I could grab a towel to wipe it off it had already ran all the way down the window. Once wiped off it left streaks which made the window look dirtier than it was. I am concerned that there is to much dilution happening leaving a poor product. Megan C


boardwalkBoardwalk Wipes

She also said the “The wipes worked really well, they didn’t leave any streaks or lint, like using a Bounty Paper Towel” Kim H


Boardwalk DRC Wipes to hold up when cleaning. Betty L


Boardwalk DRC Wipers

It is hard to believe these towels are paper, and not cloth! They even have a slight stretch to them. These wipes are super absorbent and leave no lint or residue behind. A great cleaning product. Ellen B


The Boardwalk Wipes were a very nice product. They are very soft and sturdy, they were able to stand up to a lot of liquid without being overly drenched in product. Megan C

July 2017

Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Spray


This was also used in our kitchen to disinfect the countertops, table and fridge.  This was well-liked by pretty much everyone.  It was said to be on par with other top brands of disinfectants.   The smell wasn’t unpleasant and it didn’t have a strong odor.  It didn’t irritate anyone in the office whatsoever, even the few people we have with sensitivities.  The surfaces on which this was used were clean with minimal effort and looked noticeably cleaner.   It appeared to be a better cleaner than what our cleaning company uses. Breanne E.


The Purell disinfectant was also very effective, it sprayed very evenly and worked well with the Rubbermaid cleaning cloth.  I appreciated that the bottle was clear so I could see when I would run out of disinfectant and would have to buy another.  The smell at first had a very strong clinical smell but after it had dried the intensity of the smell wore off and it turned out to be a pleasant clean smell instead of an overpowering one.  Rose D


Purell Disinfectant Spray – Our office sees a lot of foot traffic, and with that comes a lot of germs.  This disinfectant spray worked well on surfaces that are not bleach-safe.  The scent was mild, and it wiped up easily.  I can see us using this disinfectant spray during cough and cold season. Leah H.


I enjoyed the clean solution and how it is semi foamy. It allowed me to clean with ease and removes rust. The smell however, has a chemical smell but dissipates after the first couple of sprays. Delaney R.


I liked the spray! I liked the light scent, it didn’t smell like chemicals. I took the product home and it got the job done in the kitchen and bathroom. Carol R.

Title :   Works Great

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Really like this to wipe down counters in the kitchen

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com

User Nick Name:   LINDA M.


Rubbermaid Microfiber Bathroom Cleaning Cloths

We didn’t use this in the bathroom; instead we used it in the kitchen.  Nobody really liked this.  They felt the quality was a little inferior and they weren’t happy with the results as compared to other microfiber cloths they’ve used.  Most of the people didn’t think it lived up the a true microfiber claim of being lint-free.  The one good thing people agreed on was that it is washable and reusable, so there is no waste like with paper towels.  Breanne E.


I really enjoyed using the Rubbermaid Microfiber Bathroom Cleaning Cloth and was really impressed by how much dirt it picked up.  The color of the cloth really let me see where I had used the cloth already so I could continue using clean sides to pick up grime.  I was also impressed to see the dirt clung to the cloth and did not fall off, even after some shaking. Rose D.


Rubbermaid Microfiber cloth – A good sturdy cloth for kitchen cleanup.  Works well on counters/sinks, and holds a lot of mess.  Less practical for office use than home use, unless you have a washing machine on site. Leah H.


I did not like the micro cloth. It does not pair well with the spray and it does not work well wet. It reminds me of a Shammy. Delaney R.


My first use was awesome, I was able to dust and it picked up all the debris. Then I washed it and everything stuck to it when I put it in the dryer. Not a good price if it was a one and done product. Carol R.

Title :   Nice Cloth
Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes
Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Works great, does not leave streaks…

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com
User Nick Name:   LINDA M.
June 2017

Dial Professional HypoAllergenic Basics Foaming Hand Wash


The appearance of the product is clean and zen-like without any distracting designs that may clash with your washroom décor. It is a clear bottle with a light blue-green liquid. There is a picture of a leaf and a “green seal certified” stamp on the front. You can find out more about those standards here http://www.greenseal.org/AboutGreenSeal/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.aspx


It was an easy open bottle. Give it a pump and there is a nice foam. I did have to adjust how much I dispensed. A full pump was way too much for me and seemed wasteful. Maybe for larger hands or a grimy mess would need a full pump. The fragrance was slight but very pleasant. The best I could say is it’s like an ocean breeze. It left my hands squeaky clean, literally.


Then I looked at the ingredients. Mind you I favor the more natural, nonchemical options available. First ingredient is…WATER… .then sodium laureth sulfate. This is a foaming agent and there are studies showing it to be an irritant to some people and is often contaminated with 1,4 dioxane, a byproduct of the manufacturing process that is “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and may also cause negatives effects in the kidneys, liver and central nervous system, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (http://www.livestrong.com/article/174367-dangers-of-sodium-lauryl-sulfate/ ) You do not get to the Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice till the 9th ingredient L .


Personally I use a foaming hand soap where Organic Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice is the 1st ingredient. It is comprised of all fruit extracts and vitamins and, Coco Glucoside Glycerin (a natural foaming agent considered safe and also used in baby products) is listed 6th.


PROS:  Simple design dispenser fits in with most washroom décor. Great foaming action. Pleasing scent. Green Seal Certified. Made in the USA.

CONS:  Full pump may be too much for some. Paying for water which is 1st ingredient. Contains sodium laureth sulfate, which some people may tend to avoid. Cindy M.


Dial Basic Foaming Soap – Very popular around the office this month! Strong enough to clean well, gentle enough to not overdry skin. The texture of the foam is nice and rinses easily. Leah H.


We placed this in our kitchen and people had mixed reviews.  Some liked it, while others felt it left their hands feeling “sticky.”  Some people liked the foaming soap, other’s didn’t feel like the foam cleaned well enough.  The scent was liked overall.  The only thing universally liked about this was that it is antibacterial, so people like having that in their kitchen. Breanne E.


Dial Soap-This was very effective at cleaning hands!  The scent was nice and the scent of the soap was not overpowering.  Our office has been using the soap and overall their reviews are positive. Rose D.



Title :   Smells great

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Nice soap to have at work

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com

User Nick Name:   linda

User Location:

Verified Purchase ?:   No


Dial foaming hand soap especially for sensitive skin is great! This lightly scented formula is gentle, and non-irritating. Working in the Dermatological field, this is a product I will recommend to patients who are in need of a delicate hand wash. Ellen B.



Nexcare Waterproof Bandages


This particular box comes with three sizes and has 50 bandages inside. It says that they are waterproof and breathable. This was another one of those new techy bandages with instructions on how to use. These are a little different then the old school bandages. You can put these on with one hand which is great. I love this concept. You can see through the packaging which enables you to pick out the bandage which should best cover your wound.


The smallest size is like the “dots” bandages, maybe for a nick. I will never use that size. Give me a size up from the biggest one in the box instead of these. The pads are narrow on all of the bandages. So they would work best for cuts. The pads are like traditional bandage material, whereas the full surrounding seal is transparent. I didn’t get the seal quit flat so it ended up a little wrinkly. It was kind of shiny, but is much thinner than other brands I’ve tried in the past. In that regard it is better. I wore it for a few days and it stayed stuck. When it came time to remove it. It came off fine. There was some residue from the seal.


PROS: Lots of bandages per box. Seals completely around wound. Thin and comfortable. Waterproof. Made in the USA.

CONS: The smallest size should be traded in for a larger cousin of the 2 ½ bandage. Wounds have to be narrow for these bandages to be useful. The seal is shiny appearance. Cindy M


Nexcare Waterproof Bandages – Nice sturdy bandages.  The clear bandage made the much less obvious.  They remained stuck through hand-washing and a busy work day.  Leah H.


These were placed in our first aid kit and a few people used them during the month.  They all agreed that they were waterproof and they were happy that the bandages didn’t start to peel up the way others do.  They also agreed that the bandages protected their cuts from germs.  The shape didn’t sway anyone either way, but the thin design was appreciated and it held up to its claim about being comfortable; it was flexible enough for someone to wear on their hand and still be comfortable.  The people who tried these all would buy them for personal use. Breanne E.


Nexcase Waterproof Bandages-These bandages are really great, they are definitely water proof and I like that they’re clear bandages.  The application of the bandages is a little tricky because they sticky side immediately comes off when you open the packaging so the user has to be really ready to stick the band aid on.  Other than that, the product is very effective and useful. Rose D.



Title :   Nice Bandages
Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes
Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Great bandages – holds well.

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com
User Nick Name:   linda
User Location:
Verified Purchase ?:   No


I absolutely LOVE Nexcare bandages. In my opinion, they are the best first aid brand on the market. Other brands waterproof protection do not have the same type of seal. Nexcare waterproof bandages are thin, flexible and tough! Being mostly clear, they are aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, comfortable to wear. No more changing your bandage with every hand wash! Ellen B



CURAD Sooth & Cool


This particular box only has 8 waterproof bandages. What?  Eight? Same size box as the others that have like 50. This one has 8. Four bigger rectangles and four smaller rectangles. This was my first introduction to bandages gone “techy”! So there are instructions a little different than the tradition old school ones. Not rocket science, but it was a surprise.


I had a big boo-boo so I selected the big bandage. It looked to be like the extra-large ones, which is what I was thinking I needed for my particular injury. Very disappointed when I opened the package. The overall bandage was substantially smaller than what the wrapper had alluded to. Ack. I tried it anyway. The rectangular gel pad comprises most of the space on the bandage compared to 1/3 of others and the rest is stickum. Magically the pad did cover the boo-boo knee! I did feel the cooling sensation, even though it wasn’t a fresh wound, but there were a few small scabs. Sorry if TMI. The bandage really did just seemingly disappear into the skin. No shiny, plastic, fakey look. It is a nice “adult” bandage. Fits like a glove, moves well, you just don’t notice you have it on because it gives even on joint areas. I appreciate the gel pad for added protection even if it is there “donating moisture”. You know you are gonna smack that injury again on a coffee table, doorframe, anything before it’s done healing.


The cooling sensation did dissipate over time. The box reads you can leave the bandages on for like five days and YES You Can! They wear amazing well. I would have to say these are THE best bandage I used. BUT… like I said they disappear into the skin. The gel pad does offer some “blurring” of the injury site. If you have a particularly unsightly injury in an area that is exposed, some of that unsightliness will still be visible. My injury area was very red before I put on the Curad Smooth & Cool. Though it toned down a touch, the injury was visible and noticeable. I could see redness and some dark scabbing.


When I removed them, I found the gel part stuck to my injury. It pulled off some of my tiny scabs. Don’t bother re-adhering them. They are so paper thin, they just cling together like saran wrap.


PROS: Nice Cooling Sensation, One handed application, Blends into skin, stays on for days, larger rectangular bandage pad size isway more versatile than the traditional size square bandages and could possible illuminate the need to have other sizes on hand. Seals completely around wound. Waterproof. Comfortable.

CONS: Gel pad may stick to you wound. Not many in a box. Some injuries may noticeable through gel pad. These do have an expiration date. Cindy M.


Curad Soothe and Cool Clear Gel Bandages – These were perfect for breaking in a pair of new sandals! The little clear pads covered and soothed blisters and hot spots. They stayed in place and worked well. Leah H.


These were also placed in our first aid kit, but they were only used by two employees.  Neither of them really got the “cool” or “soothe” claim from these.  They agreed they were waterproof and didn’t curl up when they washed their hands they kept their cuts dry as promised.   As far as the length of time to heal, they found these similar to the other bandages claiming “quick heal,” though they did prefer these bandages over those as far as design, comfort and protection.  Both employees would buy these for personal use. Breanne E.


Curad Soothe and Cool Clear Gel Bandages-On the box these bandages implied it was for burns but no one in the office burned themselves so a coworker who scrapped her hand used it.  She said she didn’t feel the cooling effect and thought the whole clear bandage was a little gross because she could see her blood pooling under the bandage.  The band aid stuck really well though and kept it clean so overall it was successful! Rose D.



Title :   Great Bandages
Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes
Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Feel good bandages!

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com
User Nick Name:   linda
User Location:
Verified Purchase ?:   No


Curad now makes bandages specifically for burns! I was able to try this new product on a minutes fresh burn. As soon as the cool gel hit my damaged skin, relief came immediately. These burn bandages are also waterproof, but they tend to curl around the edges with extended wear, I suggest to change daily. I will keep this product in stock at all times. Ellen B.

May 2017

Duct Max Packaging Tape

Title :   Very Strong

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Used it & it is great – nice and strong!

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com

User Nick Name:   linda

User Location:

Verified Purchase ?:   No

Linda B.


Duck Max Packaging Tape – this product could not have come at a better time.  We had to mail a large, heavy piece of computer equipment, and I was worried about the box holding together.  Duck Max Packaging Tape was noticeably stronger than standard packing tape, but still crystal clear.  Our package arrived safely, and I will definitely continue to use Duck Max Packaging tape, especially for heavy or oddly shaped packages. Leah H.


I used the [insert tape brand name here] when moving back home from college for the summer. The tape dispenser was very easy to use and made packing boxes a breeze. The tape held sturdy in the rain and did not collapse under the heavy weight of all my clothing! Kelly R


This was a nice product.  Easy to use and dispense, which is always helpful.  It met all my expectations as to what packaging tape should do.  🙂 Penny Z.


This was something really useful in our office as we ship out products daily.  The tape itself was good, but no different than any other brand.  The disposable dispenser worked well, but this isn’t a product we would buy as the waste from the dispenser isn’t environmental-friendly.  Our shipping department much prefers using the rolls of tape and the hand dispensers.  For home use, since it won’t be used often, it was thought of as a good product and some people said they would purchase it. Breanne E.


The extra strong Duck tape is great.  It is super sticky and you Know your package is safe when you send it out. A  good product to purchase Sherry G.
This is the strongest packaging tape I have ever used! It rips easily, unlike all the other “Old Fashioned” strong tapes. The adhesive is sticky, and hold instantly, so make sure you stick it where you want it! Duck tape is a name I would always have confidence in. Ellen B.



Avery WeatherProof Shipping Labels

Title :   Great Label

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   We send quite a bit of mail, and having these weather proof labels are great!

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com

User Nick Name:   linda

User Location:

Verified Purchase ?:   No

Linda B.


Avery Weatherproof Shipping Labels – Spring is a rainy time in Chicago, so I was glad to receive the Avery Weatherproof Labels.  We used them to ship out several different kinds of packets and packages, and although the weather was very wet, the labels stayed stuck to the packages, and the ink did not run.  Avery Weatherproof Labels ensure that your mail always looks clean and professional, no matter the conditions. Leah H.


The [insert brand name here] labels made moving back home from college a piece of cake! I sent a large portion of my items home with my parents before I moved back in, so I used the labels to show what was in each box and where they should be placed. Kelly R


I love these!  It really saved me the hassle of having to cover my labels with a bunch of packaging tape in case it rained, or the package got wet in transit.  I like that they still worked well in my printer and didn’t jam the machine.  I would definitely purchase this item. Penny Z.


We tested these on some packages we shipped to some of our other locations (so we could follow-up on the weatherproof part) and they seemed to hold up to their hype.  They also covered up any labels already on the boxes we used, so the TrueBlock technology worked well.  The labels were a good size and didn’t peel off in the corners.  Being able to use a template for them was also really desirable – No one here wants to hand-write labels.J   As stated, the labels didn’t smudge at all.  As we only affixed them to cardboard boxes, we can’t attest to using them on other surfaces, but they did really well on the boxes.  We would definitely buy these if we needed to print shipping labels (we usually send things via FedEx or UPS). Breanne E.


We used the shipping labels ans while they work well, as a legal office we didn’t have a high need for water proof labels.  I’m sure they do help if the package was going to get wet. Great idea just not sure its necessary for an office.  Sherry G.


The Supreme mailing labels are here! These are weather proof so you do not need to worry about packages getting lost due to bad weather! These work with printer ink, and permanent marker. The label will stag snug on all packages of types of material.  Ellen B.



Sharpie Twin-Tip Permanent Marker

Title :   Sharpies are great

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   This is all we use are Sharpies!

User Email:   linda@bradleyassoc.com

User Nick Name:   linda

User Location:

Verified Purchase ?:   No

Linda B.


Sharpie Twin Tip – Sharpies are one of the most-used items in our office.  I appreciate the dual size of the Sharpie Twin Tip; great for labeling packages and envelopes both large and small.  It’s a time-saver to have both a standard and a fine point on the same Sharpie.  I also like the idea of the two markers in one, because my pen box is already quite full. Leah H.


The [insert brand name here] double-sided marker was very useful when packing items for a move. In one color I wrote what was in each box, and in another I wrote where the box needed to be placed. The two colors were helpful as they helped me distinguish later  what I was looking at rather quickly, and the two-in-one design made it so I didn’t have to carry a pencil pouch around with me to carry multiple ones! Kelly R


Best product!  Soooo helpful to have two tips in one.  In the line of work we do, we need to label specimen cups.  Having the two-in-one made it extra easy to use the thick tip to write on the lid, and the fine tip to write on the label of each cup.  This alleviated the need to carry around more than one marker.  I think anyone in the medical specimen field could benefit from using these markers. Penny Z.


This product was the favorite of the three – nobody really wanted to share them. J  The ones who tested it out liked having the dual tips in one marker.  Like all Sharpie markers, it was quick-drying and didn’t smudge.  There were no problems writing on various surfaces, including metal machined parts.   The majority of testers noted that they would also like these in colors in addition to the standard black.  Breanne E.

Love the twin tip sharpie.  Its a great product. I am able to use both sides often Sherry G.


I love the convience of two tips in one marker! It makes marking any size easier! Sharpie is the most common permanent marker, it is a classic! These are the perfect for using on the Avery WeatherProof Shipping Labels, and anything else! EllenB.

April 2017

Febreze Air Effects, Heavy Duty Crisp Clean

Febreze has always been a great product for fighting tough odors! This Heavy Duty formula doesn’t disappoint, it completely removes stale odors. The clean, fresh scent is a bit overpowering, so if you are sensitive to fragrances, avoid this. Ellen B.


This product is amazing!  It makes a whole room smell like clean, fresh laundry.  I also like that it does not have such a heavy mist where they floor or furniture in the room feels wet after spraying.  I think I’ve used this to freshen the air almost every day this month at my house!  Penny Z.


The smell of this product is very over powering, on one hand it covers the smell one is trying to hide however, it does not erase the smell.  Rather than erasing the smell, it simply adds a layer of aggressively clean dryer sheets to the environment.  I would recommend using this in small bursts as a little goes a long way! Rose D.


Everyone liked this and said it worked pretty well.  The scent was a little overpowering for some, but it was pretty well liked overall.  We used it in the restrooms and throughout the office and it did a decent job of covering up the odor, especially by the garbage cans in the kitchen and shop.  Providing it comes in different scents, people would purchase it. Breanne E


I work at a Law office but we have a heavily used kitchen.  The febreze Heavy Duty was Used often.  I would Buy this again. I would buy it for my home.  It had a very clean smell, but not overwhelming.  Really like this product. Sherry G


Title :   Smells Great

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   It has a great smell, not over-powering. Linda B


Gain Professional Manual Pot and Pan Dish Detergent

Gain Detergent is great for tough dish messes! The extra large bottle is concentrated, and an excellent price! It powered through grease, and stuck on food. The suds rinse clean, and the scent is great! Ellen B.


Another great smelling product.  And a little goes a long way, which is nice.  I would be interested in a smaller bottle, only because there is limited space under the sink.  Cleans dishes well and smells nice…a perfect combo. Penny Z


This is a great bottle of soap, I love how big it is since I like to use a lot of soap when I’m washing dishes.  The scent is fresh and not overpowering, it makes me think my plates are clean without the thought of leaving a scented residue on them.  This is a great product for the home or office, in the home it can be used at a good pace on your dishes.  In the office, it will last awhile and is a good deal for a tight budget. Rose D


We used this here at work to clean dishes throughout the month.  While we didn’t use it specifically on pots and pans, everyone liked it well enough.  They preferred the Dawn we received in a prior month, and that what they would buy at home.  This was a nice alternative, but they didn’t like it as well as Dawn.  Otherwise, it cleaned the dishes well, and it smelled pleasant.  Breanne E


The Gain Professional was a surprise hit with me.  I usually only use Dawn, but i would purchase this product again.  Good smell and worked well. Sherry G

Title :   Works & smells great
Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes
Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   we hand wash some dishes and this works really nice Linda B.

March 2017

Smead SuperTab Coloring File Folders

I really like these file folders.  They are fun and it’s neat to be able to personalize them.  However, since I used them for work at my office, I didn’t actually have the time to color them in.  I did let my middle school daughter use them for school, and she REALLY enjoyed coloring them in and using them to keep her stuff organized.  I think these are better suited for family or personal use, vs. office use.  But still very neat.  🙂 Penny Z


Title :   Fun & Helpful
Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes
Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   It is nice to have colorful files, easy to find in the drawer. Linda B


These got much better feedback than I anticipated. J  The few people who received these enjoyed being able to customize them to their own preference.  They also likes being able to take some mini-breaks during the day to color a little bit here and there.  It was a great way to decompress for a few moments.  The quality of the folders were good, in keeping with Smead products.  Overall this item was a hit. Breanne E.


Nice folders, fun to color

Sturdy construction

I like the oversized tabs Colleen O


Smead SuperTab Coloring Folders- This is such a fun idea, I’ve always thought office materials were so bland so being able to color some folders has brightened a little part of my office.  I colored these slowly, during phone calls or as a break between projects so this product supplied me with some nice décor and a creative break from my day.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who feels their office is a little drab and enjoys coloring as a stress reliever. Rose D


I love these fun coloring folders! They are made of thick, bright white cardstock that hold up to daily use. Coloring is a great stress reliever, and it is fun to make a personalized folder. I love these fun coloring folders! They are made of thick, bright white cardstock that hold up to daily use. Coloring is a great stress reliever, and it is fun to make a personalized folder. Ellen B.


Fellowes Gel Gliding Palm Support With Mouse Pad

I used this at my office.  I must say, I have never even thought about using a mouse with palm/wrist support…and I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made.  It was comfortable and easy to “attach” to my current mouse.  The only issue I ran into was that it seemed to take up valuable space on my desk.  (I have a small area.)  I really liked using it, however, for my workspace, I could’t afford to give up the surface space it took up.  For someone with a larger desk/area, it would be great.  It definitely supports your wrist/palm and is easy to use.  The gel was so comfy. Penny Z


Title :   Works great

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Comfortable and easy to use. Linda B


The person who tested this out really ended up liking it and will buy another one if this one ever needs to be replaced.  After a few days of getting used it, having her wrist propped up a little, it was comfortable to use.   The only issue was that she wished there was a better way to attach it to the mouse, since there ended up being a little give between the mouse and support and doesn’t move fluidly as one unit.   Also, you only have one chance to get it attached correctly, since it isn’t repositionable.  Breanne E



The gel support is comfortable, but hard to get used to.

The mouse & support move smoothly on the mouse pad.

Mouse pad is easy to clean. Colleen O


Fellowes Gel Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse pad- The support attached nicely to my mouse, but was overall too heavy and large to relieve any wrist pressure. I use a high mouse sensitivity so that I can navigate my screen with a planted wrist and only slight finger movements. The mousepad was nice though and I continue to use it! Rose D


Talk about wrist support! This gliding wrist/palm support makes working at computer easier, and less painful! The added Microban antimicrobial protection keeps my mind at ease. Ellen B

February 2017

Dawn Manual Pot & Pan Dish Detergent

This is a great product!  As promised it definitely cuts through grease and leave dishes squeaky clean.  And it smells amazing!  The only issue I had is that I could not figure out how the mini packet was self-sealing.  Once I opened it, it was open…there was no sealing.  Other than that, I would definitely use this product in the future…especially if it came in a bit larger bottle with a lid. Penny Z.


The Dawn Manual Pot and Pan Dish Detergent is really a great product.  It is gentle on my hands yet it is able to break down grease from cooking.  It is a very versatile product, I used a little in water to wash my windows, it helped break down the grime.  It also helped get out a grease spot on my shirt without fading the color.  And it is  gentle on the environment which means a lot for me.  Dawn is a keeper! Michelle S.


Everyone liked the soap itself, most people already used that brand, but the claim that the packet reseals was a disappointment.  Everyone twisted the top off, per the directions, but they were all left with a hole at the top that did not self-seal.  They had to make sure the packet didn’t fall over, as soap would have leaked out the hole at the top.  People would only recommend this for travel, such as renting a condo on vacation for a week with a full kitchen so they can do dishes and not have to purchase a smaller bottle of detergent from the store. Breanne E.


The classic, blue dawn dish detergent is now available in mini 2oz packets! They are convenient for travel, especially because you can reseal the little packs after opening. No other detergent gets dishes as squeaky clean. The convince unfortunately comes with a draw back, the excessive plastic packaging is extremely wasteful and harmful to the environment when not recycled properly, and that alone will deter me from purchasing or even suggesting them. Ellen B.



Bounty Paper Towels with Dawn

Best thing ever!!  Seriously in love with these paper towels.  So convenient for quick clean ups, where you don’t necessarily need to get out all the cleaning sprays, etc., but you need a little more than just water.  The water-activated bubbles really DO disappear and leave no residue when they dry.  Even my teenage son thought these were great!  Will definitely purchase in the future! Penny Z.


I had the opportunity to use the Bounty Paper Towel with Dawn,  I actually really liked the product.  I was amazed at how much dirt it picked up with no sticky or soapy residue on my hands or left behind on whatever I wiped down. And the paper towel was really sturdy and did not tear or shred in my hands,  one sheet went a long way. Michelle S.


Everyone agreed that these paper towels were far better than the towels we stock here, and most people liked them better than what they use at home.  The paper towels were strong and cleaned up messes easily with just one towel.  Some of the employees are looking to switch to this kind for their home use for cleaning purposes. Breanne E.


This new Bounce is tougher than normal paper towel, and it has a dry sudsing agent in each sheet that is activated when wet. They smell just like the classic, fresh blue Dawn detergent. The towels hold up to multiple uses without tearing, and they still produced suds after multiple uses. They do, however leave a slight residue behind, making rinsing necessary. Ellen B.

January 2017

Clean Green SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves

I love the idea of these Dual Action gloves, but they sound better than they are. The soft, microfiber cleans my phone screen well, but that’s about it. The gloves are too thick to be usable with a touchscreen, texting with them on is impossible. They are warm, and washable but not a good fit if you need to use your electronics. Ellen B


I tried the Dual Action Gloves, this month.  I really did like them, they kept my hands warm.  I was able to answer my phone or anything I needed to do on my phone.  It was very nice not having to remove my gloves in the cold weather, just to answer my phone.  I would definitely recommend these gloves to others. Jackie K.


Clean Green SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves

–         Warm, soft gloves – great for cold days

–         No need to remove gloves when using smart phone

–         Neutral color (black) matches everything! Michelle F


Clean Green SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves

I wanted to love these gloves but they didn’t work as well as I’d hoped they would. The gloves were too big and so uncomfortable to wear. I would be more likely to order them if I could choose a size. Alison P


Microfiber Dual Action Gloves

Overall, these gloves were pretty good. I especially liked that I could clean the screen with the palm of the glove.  I did have some trouble working the screen at times.

This may have been due to the fact that I have smaller hands, so there was a bit of wiggle room in the glove. Patricia M


Clean Green Smarter Dual Action Microfiber Gloves

I found these to be very warm gloves. They worked well with my touch screen electronic devices, such as my smart phone and digital touch screen in my car. I liked that all of the fingers were touch screen sensitive. This product seemed to do everything that it’s packaging claimed it should do. Becky H


Rear Right OneStep Screen Cleaner

Pre-packaged, pre-moistened screen cleaner is very convenient! The Read Right Screen cleaners have just the right amount of cleaning solution to clean two screens! The anti static solution evaporates instantly, leaving you with a gleaming, clean screen. They are also very affordable. Ellen B
The one step screen cleaner, I would have to say they really did not work well for me.  They were very per moistened,  so much they actually never dried.  My computer screen had streaks’ on it after the product finely did dry. So for this product I would not recommend it. Jackie K



ReadRight OneStep ScreenKleen Wipes

–         The wipe did leave streaks on my screens, once dried.

–         Moist enough to wipe more than one screen.

–         Conveniently packaged without need to spray screen before wiping. Michelle F


Rear Right OneStep Screen Cleaner

I loved these cleaners! I found them easy to use and they worked really well. They didn’t leave a residue and they seemed to keep the dust away for a long period of time. Alison P


One Step Screenkleen

I was not a fan of this product. The smell immediately turned me off. The wipes didn’t seem to clean very well and it felt like they left a residue behind.  No matter what screen I tried to clean,

I was left with an enormous amount of streaking.  Would not recommend these at all. Patricia M


Rear Right OneStep Screen Cleaner

We tested these throughout the office on monitors and smart phone screens. We determined them to be like any other alcohol wipe on the market. They worked but at first use they are very wet and caused streakiness. As the flyer states, “Nonstreaking, nonabrasive, antistatic solution quickly evaporates”, it did take some time for it to evaporate on the first surface it was used on and left streaks. Becky H



December 2016

Fresh Products Otto Fresh Air Freshener Screen

 This was given to an employee to us in their car, and they said that the car air freshener worked pretty well.  It lasted a few weeks, as stated, but they didn’t like the scent very much.  They’d prefer a different “fresh” scent, or even a fruity scent or something.   Otherwise, it was a good product.  The employee kept it underneath their seat on the passenger’s side and it was noticeable throughout the car. Breanne E.


I didn’t really like the smell or look of this product. It smelled like chemicals and wasn’t pleasant. Additionally, it was difficult to remove so I probably wouldn’t buy it. Alison P.

Do You Own This Product? Yes

Do You Recommend This Product? No

Did not like the scent of this freshener. It was too strong. Linda B.



Boardwalk Curve Air Freshener

 Until writing this review, I had forgotten that we never both pieces of this product; we only received one.  Greg was supposed to deliver the second piece and I never got it.  I think we both forgot about it. Breanne E.


I really didn’t like the way this product smelled. I found it to be overpowering and it smelled too much like chemicals. I wouldn’t use it because I prefer a lighter scent. Alison P.


Do You Own This Product? Yes

Do You Recommend This Product? No

The scent of the air freshener is too strong. Not liked in the office. Would not buy for the office. Linda B.

November 2016

black-silkFolgers Coffee Filter Packs, Black Silk

What an interesting packaging idea.  When we saw the product we all thought it was a genius design – filter and coffee in one easy pack!  That being said, the pre-portioned coffee grounds limited people’s options for the strength of the brew.  While we already buy individually packaged portions at work a lot of people use more than one to make their coffee stronger.  My only other concern was how to keep it fresh.  In our workplace we would have to keep these Filter Packs completely sealed when not using them so they wouldn’t absorb humidity and even certain smells (it’s a manufacturing plant).  Overall, it was a convenient product that I could think of a lot of uses for, especially if I didn’t have a 10-12 cup brewer.  Plus it gets a big thumbs up for having NO bitter aftertaste. Audrene A.

Convenient packaging – just throw the filter/coffee in the machine & brew away!

Smooth flavor, not bitter

Folgers claims this is Dark/Very Bold with regards to flavor… but, I would consider it to be ‘Medium’. Michelle F.


Folgers Coffee, Classic Roast Regular, Vacket Packpod-cover

Just as you might imagine this coffee tasted fresh – the vacuum sealing really seemed to work.  While the brew was a little weaker than my co-workers prefer they found it easy to use more than one packet if they chose to.  While there really is no design flaw per se I almost spilled an entire packet so be careful when opening them.  Basically it would be better if the grounds were stronger and/or if there were more of them per package, but this was a reliable, good basic coffee. Audrene A.

Vacuum packet keeps coffee fresh

Claims to make 10-12 cups… but, there is only enough coffee in packet for 8-10.

Suitable for office that prefers to have coffee that falls between Mild-Medium. Michelle F.


Folgers Classic Roast and Black Silk (pre-portioned coffee)


The employees here liked the taste of the coffee, but unanimously agreed that the pre-portioned coffees were very weak for their taste.  Of the two varieties, the Black Silk was preferred.  So much so that people used less cream and sugar than they normally do in their coffee because they enjoyed the taste much more.   No one really liked how the coffee was packaged in the filter since they would take up too much room to store.  The smaller packs of coffee were more ideal and went over much, much better.  We ended up using one and a half per pot of coffee.  People felt that the price would probably be too expensive for needing to use one and a half each time.  Aside from the taste of the Black Silk coffee, no one was very impressed with these options for coffee; they’d all prefer to buy canisters of coffee and portion it into the coffee filters themselves. Breanne E.


I liked the flavor of this coffee. The vacuum packing made them a little difficult to use. I ended up using two to get the coffee darker. Alison P.


The Folgers Classic Roast and Black Silk coffee.  This was something, I had my office try the Black Silk Coffee and the Classic Roast.  Everyone in the office just loved the Black Silk Coffee.  Whenever anyone made the Black silk Coffee,  they wanted to be notified by e-mail.  The Classic Roast is the coffee we use now, this coffee was not liked as much as the Black Silk Coffee.   We are switching to the Black Silk Coffee. To this day the employees are still talking about the Black Silk Coffee.  It was a Big Hit!!!

Jackie K.

cupSolo Duo Shield Hot Insulated Cup

I really liked this cup.  The thickness of the material not only allowed for the “comfortable hand-hold temperature without the need for a sleeve” but it also make it more sturdy.  Holding the cup and setting it down didn’t cause and crushing or dinging of the cup.  I could also leave it half full for a day and it didn’t leak at all.  Combining the durability with the fact that you can hold it without burning yourself I would say that this cup is a deal. Audrene A.

No need to double up on cups – less waste.

No sleeve needed, and your hands don’t get hot when holding the cup.

Nice colors Michelle F.


Solo Traveler Drink-Thru Lidslid

While this lid was good and worked as promised I found it to be just a lid.  Perhaps I’m spoiled but it didn’t seem like anything too fancy.  (Perhaps we have to consider the fact that I used a premium cup along with it so I never really got to test how well it really held up?)  Overall, I would definitely buy the product if the price was comparable to similar lids. Audrene A.

Keeps heat from escaping cup which allows beverage to stay hot

Lid stays firmly in place, and does not leak when sipping beverage

Convenient accessory to Solo paper cup to help prevent spillage Michelle F.


Solo Coffee Cup


The handful of employees that used these really liked them.  They didn’t get hot, only a little warm, so they were easy to handle with the hot coffee or tea.  Some people tossed them after one use while others used them multiple times before throwing them away, and everyone agreed they were sturdy. While most of the people prefer using their own coffee mugs, many of them liked these as an alternative. Breanne E.


These cups were great. I liked the lid option, especially for meeting participants who want to take their leftover coffee to go post-meeting. They do get a little hot so I doubled them up once in a while. Alison P


First to start the Solo Coffee Cups and the lids are very nice. They are thick and sturdy. When holding a Hot Cup of Coffee you will not feel the heat, very nice. Jackie K





October 2016

diffuserBright Air Scented Oil Air Freshener Diffuser

The scent of fresh petals and peaches are in the air! One, small diffuser will fill an entire large room with beautiful fragrance for over a month. I wish the diffuser had a more natural design, instead of the bright, white plastic top but it is still a great smelling air freshener. Ellen B


We put this in the women’s restroom and it was just okay.  The scent is nice, but the only time you could smell it is if you put your nose up right next to it.  It didn’t work well for an area greater than a desk cubicle, maybe.  If the fragrance would dissipate a little further, we may have enjoyed the product much more. Breanne E


Light & Pleasant Scent

Noticeable when you walk in the room

Nothing to plug into the wall… just stays on the counter Michelle F.


This product started off smelling almost sickly sweet, like pure peachy sugar, but I liked it.  While the fragrance was strong for the first few days it did seem to fade fairly quickly.  That is not to say that it was ineffective, just that the scent became less in-your-face.  It was still noticeable in a decent size room (10’x10’?) for a few weeks.  It was especially more noticeable when placed by moving air such as a fan, a window or a vent.  Overall the product was good.  It was great to have an air freshener that you didn’t have to plug in!  Designs of such products are usually tacky to me (or at least not fashionable) so I usually like to hide them from guests but it was unnecessary in this case.  You could leave this one in an inconspicuous place and still smell it so it stayed pretty much hidden from my own sight most of the time (even though the design really wasn’t bad).  I would definitely buy this product again and look forward to trying all of the different scents available. Audrene A.


Really liked the Bright Air Scented Air Freshener, it wasn’t too strong smelling for an a air freshener.  I had my son use it in his room. Sometimes air fresheners are to strong and over powering.  This Air Freshener was just the right amount of a  pleasant smell, when you entered his room. Jackie K.


I liked the size of this air freshener. It fit well on our conference table and provided a nice smell that reached a pretty large area. I would definitely buy it, though in a difference scent. Alison P.


cleanerMethod All Surface Cleaner

I have been a method fan for a few years now. All of the products are very natural and planet friendly. The all-purpose cleaner has pink grapefruit essential oil that smells clean, and fresh. This is an excellent, streak free cleaner I will buy again, and again. Ellen B


I received many compliments on this product.  The scent was nice, a lot of people really liked it, and it worked very well as a cleaner.  We used it in both the kitchen area, our conference room, and the women’s restroom and we had the same great results. Breanne E


Great for cleaning kitchen & bathroom counters

Heavy duty scrubbing not necessary – cuts through grease, coffee stains, etc.

No overwhelming bleach smell… replaced with a pleasant, citrus smell Michelle F.


The reputation of this product precedes itself.  Several people who saw me in possession of it commented on how much they love the brand.  I wasn’t familiar with the brand and tried to keep an open mind when experimenting on different surfaces with it.  I was blown away!  This product is great!  I tried it on several different countertops, floors, desks and even walls and it was successful, as advertised, on all surfaces.  For some real heavy gunk or stains all you had to do was let the product soak for a little bit.  Most items were visibly clean with one easy wipe.  I was especially surprised when it removed all of the toner powder residue from a much abused copy machine with ease.  To my surprise, I really liked the grapefruit smell too.  As I stated earlier, I really am not familiar with the brand at all but look forward to trying different scents and products. Audrene A.


The Method All Surface Cleaner was very refreshing.  There was no heavy cleaning smell that took your breath away, but there was a pleasant clean smell. Knowing this product is good for the environment makes it #1 on my list of cleaning supplies.  Enjoyed the product very much. Jackie K.


I LOVED this cleaner. It smelled great and really did a good job of cleaning surfaces. The size of the bottle makes it very easy to store. Alison P.

September 2016

rolling-wrist-restMaster Rolling Wrist Rest

I really enjoyed the products this month.  The Master Rolling Wrist Rest has worked out perfect.  Sometimes my wrist hurts after a day of working on the computer. When I used the Rolling Wrist rest it actually felt fine, I had no pain in my wrist.  I would recommend this product to my co-workers, who complain of their wrist hurting them. Jackie K.

I had never seen one of these before so I was excited to try it out!  It took a little getting used to, maneuvering from the keyboard to mouse, but I got accustomed to it fairly quickly.  To be honest, I think the padding could be a little thicker, but I love the support it gives and the smoothness of the rolling works great. Donna J.

This wrist rest is excellent- I like that it moves with my hand between the mouse and the keyboard. It is very comfortable and provides adequate support. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product. Shelby E.

I didn’t really like this product as I found it to be a tad noisy and cumbersome. Additionally the wheels kept sticking. I prefer the stationary version of this. Alison P.

I knew that I would love this product, especially since I already use a mouse pad with wrist support.  Similar to the set-up that I already have, I found that this Rolling Wrist Rest worked best when I still used a mouse pad.  The height of the apparatus is just a little too high for me to use the mouse flat on a desk – I prefer to have it loose on my desk with the mouse still on a pad.  It is comfortable and moves around freely (I was afraid that it would lock up on me but it never did).  In fact, the construction and materials seem high quality…like the product would last a long time.  My one and only complaint is that the rollers do make noise.  Of course it’s not loud and obnoxious but it’s also not whisper quiet.  I would definitely recommend this product! Audrene A.


folderSmead poly string & Button Envelopes

The Smead poly string & Button Envelopes are great.  Our Company uses this product now for our Branches to send their work to the Main Branch, this keeps them clean and organized.   They come in different colors so each department has a color, Accounts Payable has red, our billing department uses purple, and our Accounts receivable uses Green.  This really helps to keep things organized. Jackie K.

We use something similar to these for our porters to carry paperwork in when going to the Secretary of State.  They work great during inclement weather keeping the papers dry. I like that these are colored and are top feed, completely different from the ones we use now.  Donna J.

These are a favorite of mine and help keep me organized. The envelope itself holds a good amount of paper and is quite durable. The envelope provides good protection from rain and water and keeps documents safe. I would consider repurchasing these. Shelby E.

Such a great product! Durable and easy to clean ( I spilled coffee on it!). I would definitely use these again. Alison P.

This product filled a need that I didn’t even know I had.  With the material and the way that the closure is structured it was perfect to take paperwork out of the office without the risk of getting it wet.  I also used them internally – assigning certain Envelopes to co-workers.  I was able to pass along work assignments and random paperwork to people without crowding my desk with piles of paper and also eliminating the use of paperclips which sometimes hook onto other papers.  Perhaps the best feature was the expansion.  I tested this out many different amounts of paper inside – this Envelope effectively holds 1 piece to about 100 pieces of regular copy paper.  At a glance $6.79 seems expensive, but you do get 5 per package.  That’s just over $1 each, and they really do seem sturdy.  I think this product is a value well worth the price! Audrene A.

August 2016

post-itPost-It Dry Erase Surface with Adhesive Backing:

  What a great idea!  Being able to put dry erase material on any surface that you want – it should have been invented a long time ago.  First, I was impressed with the application of the product.  It went on easily and smoothly.  I expected more difficulty with that process.  It was also repositionable.  I’m not sure how many times you could move it and keep its condition pristine, but I changed it around onto several different surfaces and had no issues – no bumps or kinks or sliding off of the surface.  I also tested how easy it was to clean.  I left a huge dot on it for weeks, erasing a little more of it a week at a time.  After 3 or 4 weeks there were no markings left.  (I hate it when you write something on a dry erase board and a week later have to give it a thorough cleaning to remove remnants.)  It seems a little pricey for the size that you get but it looks like you can get years of use out of the product which makes it worthwhile to me. Audrene A.


The Post-it Erase Surface with Adhesive backing, I brought it home to show my daughter. She was getting her school supplies together, as soon as she seen it , she put it in her math binder. She uses it for warm ups in her math class, instead of wasting paper.  What a  GREAT idea. Jackie K.


The POST-IT DRY ERASE SURFACE is great for my desk, making reminder notes that need to be done by the end of the day and then erasing it and starting all over again the next day.   I have been using it daily!  It erases well and I  love that it can be removed easily too!  Donna J.


Turn any surface into a dry erase board with this Post it Dry Erase board. It comes in a roll that you can cut to any size and shape, with a peel and stick background. The backside is covered entirely in a sticky adhesive that can be peeled off anytime, with no residue. This is a great product to keep you organized and focused. Ellen B.


These boards are a really cool idea! I really enjoy that they stick to almost anything and you can put several together to essentially make a larger whiteboard. They erase nicely without much staining and the markers write well on them. Shelby E.


A handy product, but not one I would buy frequently. It adhered well to the white board, but because it had edges, it made it difficult to use – especially because it was needed in the middle of the board. It would be useful in a corner and I would definitely consider buying it for that purpose. Alison P.


Bic Dry Erase Marker:fashion-markers

At first this marker seemed like overkill (I’m used to writing with the skinny, little dry erase markers) but that’s not the case.  The chisel tip was perfect for if you wanted to write big or small.  Also, the color (mine was blue) was rich and readable.  Overall it wrote very smoothly and I liked the product.  If I had to come up with a negative it would be that the cap is a little difficult to remove and replace – although that is a mixed blessing because it secures tightly and will help the marker to not dry out. Audrene A.


Also She just loved the Bic Dry Erase Markers too, this works well with the post-it Erase Surface. They write really good, smooth and erases easily. Nice writing Dry Erase Markers.  Jackie K.


The dry erase markers have a bold chisled tip to wright bold, or filp it over for a fine tip! I left the cap off the marker for a bit, and it didn’t even dry out. These dry erase markers come in a pack of 12 bright, bold colors and they are pretty affordable at under $2.00 per marker. Ellen B.


This marker wrote very well- it did not streak after being erased, and the ink was dark and legible. It also does have a very low odor compared to standard dry erase markers. I also like that you can see the level of ink that’s left, so you know when you need to replace it. Shelby E.


I loved these! Great colors and they last a long time. They erase easily and the shape made them easy to hold for long periods of time. I also liked that they didn’t have a strong smell. Alison P.


eraserQuartet Board Gear Dry Erase Board Eraser:

Looks can be deceiving…at first I didn’t even want to try this product, I didn’t think it would be good, but it ended up being one of the best dry erase board erasers that I’ve ever used!  It looked too coarse to be effective – I actually thought that it would scratch the surface of the dry erase board.  But it didn’t!  If you touch it, the bristles are pretty soft.  I found that it did a great job cleaning dry erase boards and left minimal residue on the surface.  I would definitely buy this! Audrene A.


The Quartet Board Gear Dry Erase Board Eraser does a fine job. At first she was skeptical, until she tried it. All writing disappeared without a trace of marker. Nice to have on hand.

She was very Excited with these three products. Jackie K.


I love that this eraser is hand washable, and you can literally use it for years. It worked very well on my dry erase surface, however I did not try on a Quartet dry erase board, which it was specifically designed for. The eraser is a great price, and remember, you will only need to buy it once. Ellen B.


I was not a big fan of the eraser- it did not seem to do as good of a job erasing as the others in my office. It seemed to leave some traces of marker behind when erasing. However, I do like that it is washable so that it can be reused time and time again. Shelby E.


This is a great eraser! Held up well over extended use and was easy to hold. I also liked that it didn’t leave little dust particles everywhere. Would definitely buy. Alison P.


We just purchased a dry erase board for the office so the DRY ERASE MARKER AND ERASER came in handy!  The marker does not smell and it writes smoothly.  The eraser works great and I like that it is washable as well.  Donna J.


  • Love, Love, Love the dry erase products
  • #1 piece of feedback:  Saves paper and waste
  • Very helpful for Reception and Admin areas
  • Adheres well when moved around the desk
  • No dry erase residue as seen from other markers/erasers/boards
  • Small in size, a larger size may be better Kelley K.
July 2016

SylusPaper Mate InkJoy Stick Stylus Ballpoint Pens:

I tested the stylus end on several different surfaces.  I found it to be accurate and precise on everything from my phone to my tablet.  I was a little nervous that if I pushed too hard the metal lip surrounding it would scratch the surface that I was working on but that didn’t happen.  Furthermore I found the pen end to write smoothly and it really was comfortable to hold.  The only issue with this product is that it is available in pastelish colors that would appeal more to a junior high student than a professional.  Overall, I really had no issue with the product besides the color of ink.  This is an excellent product with a target demographic of under 18 years of age. Audrene A.

The PaperMate Inkjoy Stylus Pen this is a great pen really loved the way it wrote.  It felt very convertible holding and the pen just glided when writing. It just flowed nice. Jackie K.

These 2in1 stylus pens are AWESOME! A perfectly working stylus can be hard to find, and this one has a pen too! As soon as I got this product to review, I immediately ordered a whole pack! The ink is smooth, and does not glob up. The stylus is firm, yet soft to give you the most comfortable touch-screen experience. I will buy these again, and again! Ellen B.

The stylus pens are very convenient when you are doing both—using a tablet/ipad and transferring the information on to paper.   The pen’s ink was just the right flow and the colors make it fun! Donna J.

The (blue) pen is fine, but not a pen I would go out of my way to choose as it frequently cuts out while writing. I do not see myself using the stylus attached to the pen because it does not work to write on my phone screen. The pink pen seems to work better, but the stylus end remains a problem. Alison P.


Redi-Tag Index Sticky Notes:Redi Tag

The packaging at first seemed like overkill.  There are several different tab cuts in different colors – they are all in pads of about 25 or so, and then all of those different pads are almost perfect bound into an outside cover.  While at first I thought it was too much, I grew to appreciate how the packaging kept all of the pads together in one spot.  Each one was easy to peel off so that wasn’t a problem at all.  The idea of the product is great!  Perhaps a little larger than I would ever need, but better to be too much than too little.  My one criticism would be that they weren’t what I would consider reusable.  After placing them, removing them and reapplying I found that after a few uses they were curling up and not sticking any more.  Honestly, for the price, you probably can’t beat this product though. Audrene A.

The Redi-Tag Index Sticky Notes, these I let me daughter use them.  She was very excited!!  She is writing a book, these will come in handy.  When she has a thought she writes it down and just sticks the index note were the thought is needed to be. Jackie K.

The next generation of sticky notes is here! These are bigger, lined, and tabbed for the ultimate note taking. The bright, multi-colored sheets come in the cutest little binder that protects and dispenses easily. The tabbed notes are sticky, but will loose stick after about three re-positionings. A great product! Ellen B

The ruled notes with the tabs were also very convenient!  I used them in a monthly binder and was able to make notes for certain items.  Even nicer, I am able to take them off and use them again for next month, if needed. Donna J.

The sticky note is nice with the lines but I don’t think the tab adds anything to this size of sticky note. I liked the variety of colors. I would be more likely to purchase these if they came unbound and were easier to separate. Alison P.

June 2016

Acai Berry BoxVitamin Burst Acai Berry Tisane K-Cups

The cool berry beverage is a sweet little energy boost! The brew over ice K-Cups are packed with vitamins and minerals that help you get through the day. This is a great drink with a sweet berry taste. Ellen B.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this product – I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  Just like other Vitamin Water products I did pick up on a slight aftertaste but it wasn’t bad at all.  I found it to be very refreshing, especially on hot days, and also very sweet.  I did, as I do with most juices, find myself watering it down slightly just to cut back on the sweetness a tad.  Overall I would consider purchasing this for personal consumption but I don’t see my company buying it for the conference room or anything. Audrene A.

Nice that it didn’t have an overly vitamin flavor. But wished it tasted a bit more natural. Overall good product, helpful to boost vitamin C. Alison P.

– Very similar to the lemonade cups in regards to the ice.  Room temperature at best.  Even though it is supposed to be a cold drink, it works quite well as a hot drink when I used the second K-Cup.  It reminded me of black tea with numerous fruit infusions. Amanda S.

The Acai Berry was very good, my daughter one of the tasters just Loved It!!  She asked if I could get  more of the Acai Berry. Jackie K.

Green Mountian Naturals Lemonade K-Cupslemonade

Just like fresh squeezed lemons! The Lemonade K-Cups are easy to brew and chill. The cool drink is just the right amount of sweet, and sour with a great aftertaste. Very refreshing! Ellen B.

This was the first time that I had used the Keurig to brew something cold and I liked it.  I think that I was expecting a diety, “Crystal Light type” tasting product but that wasn’t the case at all.  It was just a really good lemonade product.  Definitely sugary without being too sweet, with just a punch of the sour that you would expect from any lemon flavored item.  Overall, the rating would be good to very good – definitely what I would call a “re-buy” but not necessarily the best lemonade that I’ve ever had in my life.  I could see keeping this on hand for visiting customers and vendors as lemonade is a crowd pleaser. Audrene A.

Very delicious lemonade flavor. Was a bit too concentrated and needed to add lots of ice. Great for a quick lemonade. Alison P.

– At first I wasn’t sure how much ice was needed based on the cup size.  Even after the lemonade was brewed over a full mug of ice it was warm and not even room temperature.  Adding ice afterwards did not dilute the flavor (it tasted good).  However, it required a new glass to use due to added ice. Amanda S.

The Lemonade was tasted by another person and I.  It was very Tart for me.  I do like lemonade but more sweet than sour.  The other person who tried it, and thought it was very sour. Jackie K.

berry nut bagEmerald Breakfast on the go Berrry Nut Blend

This packaged breakfast is perfect for on the go, quick eats. There is just enough protein to fill you up, and enough sweet and savory to satisfy. Eat alone, or add to yogurt or milk. An Ideal breakfast, or mid morning snack. Ellen B.

I was excited and nervous at the same time to try this product.  My head was telling me that it was going to be some hippy, healthy product that I wouldn’t like but I kept reading the package that said “With Glazed Walnuts” and I knew that it had potential!  I was not disappointed – it was pretty good.  The serving size was perfect for a snack (it would not be enough for breakfast for me) and as the name dictates, was good for on the go.  I found myself debating whether or not I would rather have it in a bar form as opposed to the loose item bag and honestly I still don’t know.  I liked being able to pick out which pieces I ate and in which order (it’s like Chex Mix, you save your favorites for last) but I think that it was a little messier than a granola bar would be.  Although I’m more of a Pop-Tart girl, I would definitely consider buying this product.  I think that it would work great in a vending machine! Audrene A.

Very tasty but the sugar content is a little concerning. Easy to eat on the go. Probably wouldn’t buy in bulk, though. Alison P.

– I don’t eat trail mix very often, but this one tasted good.  Good mix of different flavors and nothing was dry.  Two issues.  Too expensive for the size given.  $9.49 for a bag of eight.  If the individual bags were slightly larger then it would be ok.  Second, the calorie to protein ratio is not great.  These type of trail mixes are labeled as healthy but anything but.  The saturated fat content and amount of sugar is way to high for the serving portions given. Amanda S.

It sure was good morning in a rush today, still able to enjoy a quick breakfast on the go.  The Emerald Breakfast on the go, they are just delicious. They are great to have for a quick pick me up when you fill the urge for a Great snack Jackie K.

May 2016

CleanSmartLineup1CleanSmart Products

Although skeptical at first I ended up liking the CleanSmart Disinfectant Spray.  There were a couple differences between this product and the typical hand sanitizer.  First off is the fact that it is alcohol free with no harsh chemicals.  When you use it you don’t get that initial burning, alcohol feeling, which is nice, but makes you question the effectiveness of the product.  After testing it under several conditions I do believe that it kills germs.  Another difference is the fact that you don’t have to rub your hands together like you usually do.  I thought that this would create an annoying wait time where your hands are soaked but that’s not the case.  The product dispenses a very fine mist – even if you use a lot the dry time is quite short and there really is no need to rinse or wipe as advertised.  Overall, I was impressed by this product and would definitely buy it in the future. Audrene A


cleansmart handCleanSmart Hand Cleanser Spray

I really like the IDEA of this product and will say that I used it pretty often, but in actuality I don’t know that I’d ever buy it.  It made my hands feel clean without leaving a sticky residue or making them feel overly dry (probably due to the lack of alcohol). The only drawback was the faint smell it leaves behind – can’t quite describe it but it sort of smells like when you leave a glass of water out overnight.  A little musty. Alison P.

I love this hand cleaner spray. It leaves no residue and no scent. The formula was very moisturizing, and left my hands feeling good. Ellen B.

This hand cleanser is gentle to use and doesn’t cause any skin irritation like other brands that use alcohol- great for sensitive skin. Because it is water-based, the spray can take a little while to dry, longer than other hand sanitizers typically do. A little bit goes a long way with this product; one spray for each hand is sufficient to sanitize. Would consider purchasing in the future. Shelby E.

It has been great using this and not screaming in pain when it gets in cuts on my hands!  I love that it is alcohol-free, so it does not dry out my hands either.  I would purchase this just because of the alcohol and fragrance free features. Donna J.

As for the hand cleanser at first I did not care for it.  I think I was putting too much on my hands.  I had to use a towel to dry them.   I did start using it again,  spraying just a minimal amount on my hands, it is a lot nicer, seems to dry fast and hopefully it is killing any germs. In the past I have used a hand sanitizer that had alcohol in it, which did seem to dry faster.  After using it for a while. I did not mind it at all.  I would use it again. Jackie K.


CleanSmart Daily Surface Disinfectant CleanerCleanSmart

This product was pretty handy and I used it quite often.  The only problem I found was that it does require a wipe down on certain surfaces before you can use them again, and at that point I’m not sure why I would use this product over another similar brand.  It doesn’t leave a residue, though, which is really great.  I’m definitely going to continue using it. Allison P.

 This spray cleaner is good, but contains lots of chemicals, and has a strong chemical smell. I am sure it kills all the germs, especially after sitting on surfaces for 30 seconds before wiping. It advertises that you do not have to wipe, however the instructions state to leave on surfaces, than wipe. I do not know if I will buy this product. Ellen B.

This product is great for spraying keys and doorknobs. However, as with the hand sanitizer the product can take a little while to dry. Because of this, although it claims there is no need to “wipe” the product, you do need to wipe down tables, keyboards, etc. where the product has been used to soak up the product and dry off the surface if you don’t have at least an hour to spare. This is a decent disinfectant, but is not a cleaner. Would probably not repurchase in the future. Shelby E.

I like that this cleaner kills germs with no odor and is safe around allergy sensitive people.  I also like that I can use it on any surface and not worry that it will leave a  residue.  I have been using it on my keyboard and other desk areas, but would also like to carry one in my purse to use in public areas such as restroom door handles, etc. Donna J.

I feel they are okay.  I did use the disinfectant spray to clean up my desk, It was nice not smelling any toxic fumes from the cleaning spray. It did clean up the area good. I would recommend this to be used in hospital, doctor or  office setting. Using this everyday did seem to keep the germs away. Jackie K.

April 2016

b2pB2P Bottle 2 Pen

First the B2P Bottle 2 Pens, My daughter and husband tried these pens out.  They just loved them, the way they felt holding them and the way they wrote AWESOME.  I really liked the idea of the pens being made from  recycled from bottles.  I am a firm believer in reusing and recycling.  These pens will definitely be on my ordering list. Jackie K.


B2P Bottle 2 Pen Colors- I really like the concept of these pens as eco-friendly and that they use plastic bottles to create them. They look cool, feel comfortable when held and write well (with no ink smearing). However, we received a purple pen and we would not have a need for purple pens in our office- we only use black or blue ink. Shelby E.


I love the purple pen; it writes great, does not smear and I will consider buying some in the future, probably in a different color, also because they are eco-friendly. Donna J.


When Pilot came out with the original bottle 2 pen I thought it was a great idea. I don’t do a lot of recycling but when I do its nice to know that I could be using a pen that I help create. Then when they came out with the colors it was like every doodlers fantasy. Love this product and all that it represents. My one qualm with this product is I wish it had a bold point like a 1.0 or even a bit bigger. Megan C.


Zebra-Eco-Zebrite-Double-ended-Assorted-Color-Highlighters-6bb9c4dd-5c7d-416c-8891-28ccef0c036a_600Eco Zebrite Double- Ended Highlighters

The Eco Zebrite Doubled-Ended Highlighters  I really did like them.  They felt great when holding them.  I really thought they were unique with the two sided highlighting. I had a piano teacher try them out.  She really did love them, they really came in handy for highlighting in the piano books.  They are working on their recital. These highlighters sure were a great access, for bring things together for the recital .  These highlighters will be on our next order list. Jackie K.


Eco Zebrite Doubled-Ended Highlighters- Our office really liked these highlighters- they didn’t bleed through the paper and were not too bright. We really did not use the fine-tip side of the highlighter, only the wide-tip so we wouldn’t have a need for dual ended highlighters. However, overall the highlighters wrote nicely and were lightweight and comfortable. Shelby E.


I also have used the double-ended highlighters and love them!~mostly because they are double-ended.  We often print out schedules that where we would definitely take advantage of this feature.  I will be ordering these in the future! Donna J.


I use the Zebrite Highlighters every day to keep myself organized in my planner and at work. The dual tip helps when I need to highlight 6pt font that I can barely read and the regular tip is perfect for my oversized hand writing. Also the fluorescent colors are as harsh as some highlighters but still bold enough to grab your attention. Megan C.


LabelsAvery Eco Friendly Mailing Labels

The Avery Eco Friendly mailing labels.  The 5160 I really enjoyed using.  Made address labels with these.  They were just the right size.  The other mailing labels 5167 were just a little small for mailing labels.  So we did not get much use out of them. This size label would be good for labeling things, like draws, boxes, files and other things that would need to be labeled.   We currently do use the Avery 5160 labels. Jackie K.


Avery Eco Friendly Laser/ Inkjet Mailing Labels- Our office already uses Avery for all our labels as they provide the best quality labels and various sizes. We received several sizes, however the 5167 labels we received were very small and we would have no use for labels such as that.  The regular mailing labels work nicely and I like the fact that they are eco-friendly. Shelby E.


I like the idea of the Avery labels and love that Avery lets you make the labels on their website so they print out properly on the paper. However my labels did not print out properly. The last we completely off, cutting off the top and bottoms of my labels. I had to use more of the product to get the number I needed. I’m sure it was my printer and not the labels. Megan C.

March 2016

GeckoTechGeckoTech Reusable Hooks

We love the Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks.  The best thing we like about them is how you can adhere them to things in an office that you normally wouldn’t be able to adhere things to, like steel cabinets, wood desks, etc. without damaging them.  Great concept!  We love them.  They are a little pricy but that too bad. Beth H.


GeckoTech Reusable Hooks.  I did like this idea to be able to hang this product anywhere without it doing damage or leaving residue to a wall, locker, ect…   My son uses this to hang his electrical cords for x box game, Phone charger ect..  He had the cords hung over my curtain rod. So I gave him this product to try.  It really has worked well.  At first he had a little problem with it staying on the wall.  He then read and followed the directions and it is working out real well.  Thank You for this product I think it has great potential.  I would recommend this product to others. Jackie K.


GeckoTech Reusable Hooks- Works well for hanging headsets on, but there are not too many other office objects that I could see hanging on this (besides a lanyard). The adhesion to the wall is pretty strong- the hook has not fallen off at all. However, because there is very limited capabilities of use for this product in the office setting, we would probably not purchase. I think this product might be better suited for a home environment. Shelby E.


The Geckotech hooks work non-stop! These little hooks are strong, and handy! They stick to most any surface, and leave no residue, or holes behind! If they start to loose the ability to adhere, you just wash with water and they are like new! I will be buying more! Ellen B.


I love the GeckoTech Hooks! I took them home to hang up holiday decorations and they are still holding strong. They can be a little finicky on certain surfaces but all and all they stand up every well.  We also tested taking them on and off the walls and it took about a month before it need to be cleaned and reattached properly. Highly recommended! Megan C


BeGreenPilot BeGreen Dry Erase Marker

As for the Pilot BeGreen Dry Erase Marker.  It does seem to be more vivid than other dry erase markers that we’ve had, and therefore we like that about it.  However, not sure we would be interested in the refillable aspect of it.  For one thing at a cost of $1.89 just as easy to replace as to try and refill.  And secondly, I’m guessing our lawyers would quickly throw it out once it started not writing clearly.  However, I did also note that it does seem to erase better than some of our other markers.  I will likely try to order in the future. Beth H.


The V Board Master, I really liked the way it wrote on the white board. Everything was very clear and easy to read. No smudging which is a plus.  I do feel this product will last a long time, since it can be refilled up to 5 times. I also like the idea that the marker is made of recycled materials.  I am always looking for ways to recycle and save our environment.  I would defiantly recommend this product to others. Jackie K


Pilot BeGreen Dry Erase Marker- The ink itself is a bit watery and light- it does not show up very dark like a standard marker. However, I love that these markers are eco-friendly and recyclable. Depending on the price of the refills, this could possibly be a more economical solution than simply buying a new pack of dry erase markers despite the lighter tone to the ink. Shelby E.


These dry erase markers are very heavy duty! They come in multiple colors, and are refillable. I however, do not think it is very cost effective to refill. These are bold, and do not dry out easy. I also love that the markers are made with mostly recycled content. Ellen B.

February 2016

ISpire_WristRocker_MousePad_white_thumbFellowes I-Spire Wrist Rocker Mouse Pad w/Wrist Rest

The mouse pad and wrist rest, I really did like a lot. This has a more comfortable filling then any Gel/Mouse pad I have used.  It Conforms to your wrist and the nonskid pad is great for the mouse. Jackie K.

This mouse is the best mouse I have used. Lori S.

Our secretary that has carpal tunnel issues gives the Fellowes Wrist Rocker a thumbs up.  The only complaint she had was that the pad slipped on the desk.  She put a fabric mesh/type mouse pad under the Wrist Rocker pad to help stop it from slipping.  Except for that one slipped issue, all in all, she loves it. Beth H.

We currently use wrist pads, this one is good. Chris U.

This mouse pad is excellent upon first few uses. After longer term usage, it started to make my wrists sore. The Elliptical design with rocking motion is helpful and easy to use. The mouse pad is a little large, taking up lots of room on my small desk. Ellen B.

I love the idea of the mouse pad. However, I have a Mac and the wrist rest is higher than my mouse and I am un able to use the product. Megan C.


dock stationFellowes I-Spire Series Pencil and Phone Station

The Pencil and phone station, not really crazy about.  It seems to be top heavy.  I put a pair of scissors in the holder and it ended up falling over. Jackie K.

 Pencil and pen station is great. Lori S.

Fellowes Pencil & Phone Station is being rejected. Unfortunately, the station doesn’t have enough weight in and of itself and therefore is constantly falling over.  Beth H.

The fellows pencil & phone stand is very cool. Chris U.

I love this phone/pencil holder. It is perfect as a charging station, with room for the cord to go through and plug into phone. The product matches my foot and back rest. Ellen B.

I love the pencil station. I am able to keep my life (my phone) propped up on a docking station to read my messages and charge my phone at the same time. Also he tools that I need are nicely kept and conveniently located. The pencil station is very compacted which allows it to fit in the tightest of places and to help you stay organized. Megan C

December 2015

December ProductsSmead Erasable FasTab Hanging Folders

Hand write directly on the tab with a permanent marker and erase with standard white eraser.
  • Built-in reinforced tab allows you to write directly on the tab.
  • Tabs are 20% larger than standard 1/3-cut tabs.
  • This product was made using wood sourced from a certified managed forest.

These bright hanging folders are strong and sturdy! Easily identify your files with the selection of bold colors. My favorite part is that the label tab is coated in a plastic, which makes for an erasable surface using permanent markers and a white eraser. Ellen B

The Smead Erasable FasTab Hanging and File Folders is a great idea.

Works well with day to day to do’s. When done erase it and use the file the next day or two. Betty L

I love that you can reuse folder tabs without having to put a label on it.

Being able to write directly on the hanging file folder eliminates the need to cut pieces of paper to put in the plastic tabs.

It makes organizing faster and easier! Kim H

we really like the idea of rewritable files; will be very useful. Chris U

Smead Erasable FasTab File Folders

  • Hand write directly on the tab with a permanent marker and erase with standard white eraser.
  • Built-in reinforced tab allows you to write directly on the tab.
  • Tabs are 20% larger than standard 1/3-cut tabs.
  • This product was made using wood sourced from a certified managed forest.

This is the future of manilla folders! The basic folder has a large, attached tab that you can erase, and reuse. They are strong, and resists tears. Ellen B

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


  • Disposable, soft pads erase set-in dirt and grime quickly and easily.
  • They remove scuff marks, dirt and tough crayon marks from floors, walls and doors.
  • Safe to use; no gloves or chemicals necessary.

This eraser is truly “magic”! They clean just about everything, even permanent marker. You are able to cut down to a smaller size, which is very convenient. The erasers are really tough, you can use, rinse out, and use again. Ellen B

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is fantastic.  Works extremely well. Betty L

November 2015

Time MistO2 Active Air Dispenser


  • Stylish cover design.
  • Visual light indicators provide refill and battery replacement reminders.
  • Easy refill replacement and key lock for additional security.
  • Vented sides for effective fragrance dispersal.
O2 Dispenser Refills
  • Next-generation air-freshening technology delivers intense, pure fragrance for 60 days.
  • Provides odor control continuously and consistently for 60 days.

This air freshner is fantastic! It has been in our office for the past month, and still smells fragrant! We get many complements on how wonderful our office smells. The set up process was quite complicated, with tough to follow instructions, but once I got it set up, it is a hassle free, yummy smelling addition. Ellen B

Put the unscented air freshner in men’s restroom.

Nobody seemed to notice the difference. Betty L

I like the sharpies and will order them again. Chris U

While I love the idea of the Air Dispenser, I was never able to get it to work Sherry B

O2 Active Air Dispenser- these are a great product and the scent that came was pleasant. The only caution would be to use it in a large open area. Even in a large space, if there isn’t very much air circulation, it can seem strong. For such a small product it covers a pretty large space. Leah R

224234Sharipe Extreme Marker


  • Bold colors and extreme ink: resists fading when exposed to UV rays, rain, snow and mud.
  • Great for outdoor gear and sports equipment.
  • Can be used on most surfaces, including plastic, glass and wood.

The Sharpie Extreme marker is much more bold than the original. The marker dried quickly, and was smear proof. It held up to washing in the dishwasher multiple times, and was still legible. A true permanent marker! Ellen B

While I love the idea of the Air Dispenser, I was never able to get it to work.

Marker is good. Betty L

Sharpie Extreme Markers- I really did not notice a large difference between these and the regular sharpies. The color does seem a little brighter and doesn’t fade as quickly. Overall, I do not have any complaints, I just don’t know that there was enough of a difference to warrant ordering different markers. Someone who uses them more frequently might notice more of a difference. Leah R

I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary with the “Extreme” sharpie.  It’s a nice tool, but I didn’t see any different from the everyday sharpie.  I wouldn’t pay more money for it. Sherry B

the air dispenser I thought was not easy to assemble, but once it was, nice. Chris U

October 2015

175728BIC Stylus 2 in 1 pen

  • Stylus and ball pen in one.
  • Lightweight stylus for touchscreen devices.
  • Glides across screens easily providing fingerprint-free precision and control.
  • Retractable ball pen features Easy-Glide System® ink–BIC’s exclusive ink technology for smoother writing.

The Bic stylus pen combo needs improvements. The ink color is very light, thin and hard to read. The Stylus side worked fine on an ipad, however the clip gets in the way. On a plus the barrel is very fashionable with a shiny pink color that we loved. Ellen B

the stylus is responsive and comfortable to hold, the pen writes well.  I haven’t noticed the ink skipping at all or anything like that.  When I have it in my pocket I do sometimes worry that it will break because the plastic doesn’t seem super strong. Nick M

 Bic 2in1 Stylus Pen- The stylus is a nice touch and works well with touchscreen devices. I did not care for the ink quality of the pen. The ink is very light and almost looks gray. Overall I liked the pen and it was easy to write with, however, I would like a darker ink. Leah R

2in1 Stylus- This product needs some work. The ink is very light and I feel like the tip of the pen is going to break and is not secure. The lever to control the pen is in a funky place, pen should be a twist. Stylus works just fine, I’m just not much of a stylus user. Megan C

 Pink pen worked well, I used it a lot last month.

-The switch to pop the pen  worked well

-The Metallic pink was a nice color

-The only thing I would change is that I prefer Gel ink over standard ball point pens

Greg S

193349Post it Super Sticky Message Pad

  • Revolutionary adhesive technology ensures your notes will stick securely to more surfaces.
  • Remove and re-stick elsewhere as follow-up reminder.

The Post it Super Sticky Message Pad in bright pink is very convenient! Easy to keep at hand in busy situations. I love the super stickyness, notes stay put and grab your attention with the bright color. I will be ordering these again soon! Ellen B

The message pads are good as well, they have strong sticking power which is good so I don’t have to worry about them falling off.  The pink makes them noticeable without being obnoxious neon colors.  Nick M

Post-It Self Sticky Memo Pads- These are great for a busy desk because they stick to surfaces and hold well. The bright color makes them stick out and it would be hard to not notice them. Our office typically uses the non-sticky message pads but after using these, we are considering changing to these pads. Leah R

Memo Pads are very good for taking morning phone calls and the sticky back guarantees they wont get lost. The pink color is nice a vibrant and gives my desk some color. The lines are definitely helpful by making the notes clean and easy to read. Megan C

I wrote a lot of info w/ the pink messages sheet.

-I always like small sheets to write on as reminders

-I didn’t use the actual “message” of the sheet (see for, from, time, etc.) Greg S

August 2017

Post-It Full Adhesive Label Roll

I, personally, loved this product.  So much so that I am going to purchase one to have at home.   This was well-liked by everyone who used it (about a dozen people).  We were all able to affix this tape to anything without the edges curling.  Another big plus to this product was the flexibility of the size of the label, rather than having to cut an address or filing label to the correct size.  No one minded having to write on the label as opposed to having labels printed by a printer.   I believe this is something several people in the office will purchase both for work and personal use. Breanne E.


Post-It: I really like the idea of this product, having a device that holds a roll of adhesive labels makes quick organization easy.  The only downside is there is no mechanism to cut the roll of adhesive labels, like the teeth on a roll of tape.  However, the product sticks very well to many surfaces and I ended up using a scissor to cut the labels which worked well! Rose D.


Title :   Handy

Rating :   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

Reviewer own this product ?:   Yes

Reviewer recommended this product :   Yes

Comment:   Works great, fun gadget Linda M.


The Post-It Note Roll was essential for packing for college. Amidst the dozens of things I needed to do before moving in, getting all of my valuables in order was one of the activities I dreaded most. I used the Post-It roll to quickly label each of my boxes so I would know exactly what was in each one when unpacking. I especially enjoyed the Post-It roll compared to normal labels for 2 reasons: 1) The Post-It roll saved me from having to carry around a bunch of label sheets by compacting the equivalent of many labels into one tiny dispenser, and 2) I was able to choose what length I wanted my label to be, so there was no material wasted! Kelly R.


Zebra Pen Corp. Mechanical Pencil

Only one person used this and they tried to purchase two more, but they weren’t available.  This was a big hit.  The grip was great, it was comfortable, and it held up to the claim about being easy to refill.  The pencil wrote really well, but the design was the best thing about it because it was easy to use and didn’t cause any hand fatigue.  While no one else tested really this out, I held it, and wrote a few things, and I can agree with this pencil being comfortable. Breanne E.


Zebra Mechanical Pencil: At first I thought, what’s so special about this pencil but the grip was surprisingly comfortable and the lead really felt more stable.  The mechanism that grips the lead is surprisingly strong and compared to other mechanical pencils I’ve used in the past, really prevented the lead from breaking.  I would definitely buy and recommend this pencil to anyone who writes a lot, prefers pencils, and has a heavy hand. Rose D.


The DelGuard pencil has made note-taking in college so much easier! I no longer have to deal with my lead breaking every four lines – the DelGuard lead stays put and allows me to fill pages upon pages of notes without worrying about refills. This pencil feels very smooth to write with, never skips on the paper, and has almost no smudging, so I can review my notes later and know exactly what I wrote down! Kelly R.