04 Mar Office Products to Office Decor

IMG_0307So I decided to take on office décor this week. I consider myself a season vet when it comes to DIY projects, since I DIY’d my whole wedding back in August. Anyways, story for another time.

On with the project of the fabulous wreath I made with everything I could find in the office. Yes, this beautiful flower wreath to my left is made out of a paper plate, scotch tape and construction paper.

Oh my god, I hated this project! The tedious taskIMG_0589 of cutting out what felt like a billion construction paper squares with a paper cutter and then taping them into cones was awful. Now mind you, you are supposed to use a glue gun. I don’t have a glue gun in my cubical so I used tape, not the best plan. As I say that the middle of the wreath just fell out on to my desk. Seriously?!  Note to self, do not use tape to hold your projects together! Rant over!

Honestly, the project was not terribly hard, it just tedious and time consuming. I did get a lot of compliments and you really can be creative with it. I started this project because I could be creative with the wreath, make it different colors and sizes but since I didn’t have enough materials/ didn’t want to order more and I didn’t exactly have the right materials. I let this project get the better of me.

Please, do not let my love hate relationship with DIY projects deter you from trying this project out for yourself or any DIY project for that matter. As I stated before, I DIY’d my whole wedding less than a year ago from the invitations to bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres all by myself. Hence, the bad taste in my mouth about DIYs. Try this project for yourself with the instructional link below and post your attempts to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/smartofficedeals/. Have fun.