05 May 3 Time Management Tips for the Office

Tick, Tock.

Effective time management is your most valuable office skill and the one most guaranteed to get you that gold star! Here are 3 tips for better round-the-clock efficiency.


Reduce multi-tasking. The more tasks, the less time for quality thought. The result is poor decision making, fewer rational responses and frequent errors that cause even more work. Try to limit just how much information your brain processes in a given time.



So maybe you can’t completely quit multi-tasking. But try to confine it to just a part of your day. Devote distraction-free time and space to your most complex or unfamiliar tasks. You’ll resolve them in a more timely and efficient way.


Sorting through stacks of paper or piles of files is a time waster and really not a good look on anyone! Try to build in 15 minutes at day’s end to put everything back where it belongs and you’ll thank yourself for it!


Put these time-saving tips to work for you, and get ready to have time on your side!

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