29 Jan It’s finally here!

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Allow me to cordially invite you into our brand new website!

Notice something different? That’s right, we’ve updated everything from the ground up! The Office Connection has put on a suit, but we’re still the same underneath. Hopefully you’ll find this guide to be informative and it will get you started to use all the benefits our site has to offer! Many more updates to come!

Wow! This new website sure is great! -- Anonymous TOC Fan

First off, you might notice some new themes of this website — icons!

Each service that The Office Connection provides for you has its very own custom-designed icon! Allow me to explain:

The mopping icon is for Facilities Supplies; the icon with a graph is for Office Supplies; the icon who is laid back in his desk is for Office Furniture and Design Services; the icon who is holding a recycling container is for our free Toner and Electronics recycling; the icon who is being stamped is for, you guessed it, our custom stamping services; the icon who is rushing to deliver an envelope is for our next day desktop delivery service; the two people having a coffee is for our Break Room supplies; the icon who is on a business card is for our business printing services; and finally, the icon who is holding up all those fun items is for none-other than our Promotional Product services!

Everything’s back! Did you miss any of it?

We got a lot of feedback from customers about which pages they needed to have on a website and which pages we were missing — well, I’m happy to announce that they’re all back! Allow me to summarize just a few:

Free Toner Recycling

It’s now easier than ever to get a handle on those old ink and toner cartridges, all you need to do is visit the page, fill out the form, and send us your boxes! Click here if you want to learn more or do it yourself!

About TOC

Have you ever wondered where we came from, what we’re all about? Well now it’s all there! If you have any questions about what we mean as a company to you, or simply want to get to know us, head on over!

Request a Return

FINALLY. This is finally back: an easy way for anyone who has a product to return to simply fill out a form and have the return dealt with by our friendly representatives. If you have something that needs to be returned, click here.

Careers Page

Like us so much you want to join our family? Well click here to find out more! We’re always looking for intelligent and motivated individuals to join all the fun!

Rebates, Promotions, Contests, and Special Offers

Quarterly big sweepstakes, to manufacturer rebates, to our social media give-a-ways! Everything you need to know about getting stuff for free or staying updated on TOC news, simply click here to read more!

Smart Office Rewards

It’s been around the block a few times, but our Smart Office Reward Program 2.0 has it’s own page now! Keep up to date on all the current products available, ask us questions about it, or just marvel at all the free stuff you can have simply by partnering with The Office Connection! Click here to see it all.

Smart Office Club

We love our customers, and we love things. We’ve since decided to make a club to celebrate both! Request to be enrolled in the TOC-exclusive Smart Office Club, wherein you get free stuff every month! Simply write a 3 sentence review of the product and it’s yours to keep! Interested? Click here to learn more.

Many more to come! Stay tuned!