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Who knew a jolt of java could do more than just jumpstart your day?
Caffeine scientists, that’s who! They’ve found not only does it get you going, it’s a great way to sit with coffee mates and get creative juices flowing.

Here are 3 ways to create a coffee culture:

1. Superior Sips

Free coffee is great for morale, but bad brew can cause counterproductive complaints.

So don’t harsh the vibe and sweeten the pot with quality coffee.

2. Create Coffee Coveys

Zone out mini caf├ęs with comfy seating away from the kitchen where co-workers can sit, sip and grind out fresh ideas in an uber-productive setting.

3. Let ’em “Expresso” Opinion

Just as coffee stimulates, so does being heard. Survey the office and find out what brews they choose (not the boozy ones, of course). Then give the people what they want.

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