24 Mar Surprise Party

Welcome back!

**Disclaimer** If you do not want me to make a big deal about your birthday, don’t tell me NOT to make a big deal about your birthday.

I’m sure you can assume that we are having a birthday here at The Office Connection. Now, normally you would get a nice card signed by everyone and we’d be done with it. Not when you tell me to not make a big deal about it. If you do that, I will sneakily go around the office to get everyone to sign your birthday card and sit on the floor of my cubicle making you a piñata all day long from supplies I found around the office.

That’s right, I made a piñata, which we will discuss how to make later in this blog.

Back to the birthday, it’s my sales manager’s birthday is tomorrow and he told me not to make him a birthday card, well, of course, I have to make him a birthday card. Then if anyone says anything about his birthday, he pretends like he has no idea what you’re talking about. Now, I would think if you didn’t want someone to make a big deal about your birthday, you probably shouldn’t make such an effort to tell people not to make a big deal. The way my brain works makes me want to make it a big deal.

Which brings me to the piñata. A while back I was looking for DIY projects for the blog and I stumbled upon the piñata on post-its website. You should know by now that the marketing department “me” love post-its. My former partner and I covered a cubicle in post-its a month or so back, if you missed that check out some of our previous blogs.

IMG_0627Anyways, I spent all yesterday building a piñata out of cardboard, packaging tape and post-it notes. I sat on the floor of my cubicle trying to cut a star out of a cardboard box with a ruler and a utility knife. One do not trust me with sharp objects, I’m surprised I didn’t cut myself and two for the life of me I can not figure out why drawing a star using a ruler was giving me such a hard time. I just wanted clean uniform lines and it was giving me a real problem. As I am midway my manager walks in and with anything I do he asks “do I even want to know?” I tell him no, it’s for the blog and he walks way. I finally get all the pieces cut out and I’m taping the sides, of course, the whole office is now questioning what I’m doing because I’m still sitting on the floor of my cubicle that everyone walks by. Now, mind you if you are interested in making your own piñata the link is down below and you are supposed to use a glue gun. Once again, I do not have a glue gun in my cubicle I should probably get one. So the taping of the structure is completed and I’m ready for the post-it notes.

I thought the post-it notes would be the fun part, wrong! I stuck the post-its to the IMG_0631structure and they keep falling off, what?! I finally get them to stick and I head to lunch. I come back and apparently I didn’t get them to stick, all the post-it notes that I put on the structure are all over my desk. New plan, I layered the post-it notes and proceed to tape them as well to the structure for a better hold. They seem to be holding, I’ll count that as a win. To the right is a picture of the finished product before I hung the piñata up in his office.

He just walked in, lets see what kind of reaction we get out of him… Oh my god, priceless reaction. He now knows what my craft project was for.

IMG_0634If you are interested in making your own piñata follow the link below and we would love to see them so share them on our Facebook page. Until next time!