Electronic Recycling

What you may consider to be outdated or non-functioning electronics can be easily recycled into technology for tomorrow.

Reasons to recycle and more…

Protect the Environment

Computers and monitors are among the most toxic electronic devices, often containing lead, mercury and other toxins. When these components are disposed of improperly, these toxins are leaked into the surrounding environment. Before you dispose of large quantities of electronics consider what effects it may have on the environment.

Protect Yourself and Your Business

Your hard drive and computers contain precious information. Even after your computer and hard drive appear to no longer function, that precious information can continue to be accessed.

Acceptable Materials

Nearly anything with a plug is acceptable! (Cell phones, computers, CPUs, fax machines, keyboards, monitors, MP3 players, office phones, photocopiers, printers, radios, stereos, televisions)

Not Acceptable Equipment - Michigan Only

CRT Monitors or TVs (Tube Variety), Refrigerators, Household Batteries, Light bulbs.

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