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Smart Office Club Last Month Reviews

An items reviews can be found under the review tab in each items description.

Blue Sky Day Designer Academic Year Desk Pad 2018-2019

The person who used this didn’t like it at first but ended up loving it.   The days had a lot of room to write in, and the overall size ended up being perfect for a desk since most others are way too large.   She hasn’t used the to-do or notes section yet, but she thinks it’s a nice feature and will likely use it in the future.  Having this on her desk freed up her cubicle wall from having to use a calendar and, like a wall calendar, it shows the previous and following month.  Breanne E.


I’ve never really used a desk pad before, but I am finding that I like it!  It’s handy to have paper right there to jot a note on.  And having a calendar in plain view where I’m working all day really seems to make it helpful to remember what’s happening and when. Penny Z.

I let a co-worker take the desk pad for use and this is the response: The desk pad is a good size for the desk; it does not overpower the space and it serves its purpose well. Patricia W.


I really love the design, but I did not like how small it was. It will work nicely in a small desk space though. I also do not like the July to July calendar. All in all it is a nice product. Well made. Ali G.


Nice desk calendar for a small workspace or student’s desk. Plenty of room to write daily tasks/ meetings. Can also be hung up on a wall if no desk space. The gold embossing on the calendar is very nice and sharp looking. Sara F.


Works great. Good looking. Would recommend. Irene F.


The planner is fine, but I am not a fan of this type of planner. I feel it takes up to much space on the desk. I prefer a book type planner. Christina M.


I wish the calendar was bigger but other than that the calendar is very useful. Monique W.


This is a great desktop calendar, it isn’t obnoxiously big nor is it too small. The boxes for each day leave a lot of room for notes and I like the extra space for note taking or planning. The option to hang the calendar is also useful given my small work space. Rose D.


Enough space for writing everyday. Linda M.


Day Designer Academic Year Weekly / Monthly Hardcover Planner, 8 x 10

This was used by someone’s daughter who is in college and she raved about how great this was.  She said it was really durable, in addition to being pretty without being tacky.   The planner is a nice size and the days have enough space to write everything she needs in the month view and there is plenty of space on the days for the week view.  The to-do list on the side of the month view was helpful to her, even though she only used it a couple times.  The last month and next month shown on the page is also helpful so she doesn’t have to flip any pages.  The calendar in the front of the book was a nice bonus.    She loves this planner and will get one for her next year at college. Breanne E.


This is the greatest planner!  I love how the days are vertical and give you room for plenty of events.  The “Today’s Top Three” section is nice to put a focus on the day and accomplish those “must do” things.  I’ve read a number of the quotes listed on each week too, and they are very inspiring.  Honestly, I will buy this planner next year when it comes out! Penny Z.


The planner is very stylish and attractive for a woman (maybe not so much for a man) but it helps you to be able to really organize yourself for the day, week and/or month. I like the color, the sleekness and size of it and it’s convenient to use. I wouldn’t mind pulling it out in front of professionals because it looks like a professional book. My co-worker loves it too for the look and the day to day, week and month options. Patricia W.


I love this product. Great layout. There are so many different fields that will keep one very organized. The designers got that right. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the planner runs from July to July. A bit odd . Ali G


Planner is very pretty. Sturdy enough to be tossed in a bag or backpack and not be ruined. Great for a student in college. Sara F.


Works perfectly. Just as designed. Would recommend! Irene F.


I love this planner. I like the hard cover and the style of the planner. It is the perfect size and gives you plenty of room for making notes. Christina M.


I love the planner I just wish that it was calendar year instead of physical year Monique W. I really enjoyed this day planner, from the design to the layout, I thought this item was well constructed. The weekly calendar portion is extremely useful for my day to day activities while the monthly calendar portion helps me keep future commitments in perspective. I loved the colors and stripes on the planner and would probably buy this again. Rose D.


Perfect size, shape – great organizer Linda M.


The Blue Sky Academic planner and desk pad arrived at the perfect time. I use my planner everyday at work to keep me organized . The calendar is on my desk and again helps keep me organized for meetings and appointments. Kathy L.