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Tired of tangling with the same office annoyance day after day? Look around, the solution to your headache might be right there on your desk. Check out these 3 clever quick-fixes that repurpose the simplest device into an amazing agent of awesomeness.

  1. Wrap Your Head Around This

Tame that twisted mass of headset and earbud cords in your desk drawer with an empty tape dispenser. Just cut a small hole in the back of the dispenser for the jack then wrap the cord around the center. No knots, no tangles, no problem!

2. A fresh Idea

Now everyone will know just when that coffee was made before the first sip. Grab two Styrofoam cups and a marker. Turn the cups upside down. Write the 24 hours of the day (am/pm) along the rim of one cup. Mark the other with an indicator arrow pointing downward with the statement “Time Coffee Was Made.” Insert the hours cup into the indicator cup then align the arrow to the hour the coffee was made. The whole office will know exactly when the pot was brewed and no schmuck gets stuck with stale coffee!

3. An Easy Fix to a Sticky Situation

OK so this one is pretty much a no-brainer. For easy organization just take those loose pins and thumbtacks that are all over the place and stick them into a rubber eraser. They’re there when you need ’em without risking a prick!

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