04 Feb Snow and Shenanigans

It’s snowing outside. Literally millions of beautiful seemingly hand-crafted crystals are falling from the sky as if by miracle. Each one unique, each one reflects the startling brilliance of a somber and peaceful landscape. The sheer luck it takes for moisture to collect in the clouds, freeze, and for it to fall down without losing its luster is astounding — breathtaking, almost. But, where are we?

In an office, that’s where. I don’t know about you, but snow sucks. Yes, the concept is beautiful; but look at it! It’s in my hair, in my coat, why is it in my shoes?! It’s covering the holes in the parking lot so that I can forget about them and inevitably give myself a heart-attack as my car jerks violently in all directions. Snow covers the faded asphalt of a barely-functioning parking lot with ugly white-grey paint.

Don’t worry though! I’ll take a deep breath for you — at least we’re inside now. Back in a warmer environment where we can all just sit at our desks and forget about the outside, maybe even hang a beach poster over our windows.

I love my job at The Office Connection (TOC for short), and I know we’ve been doing exactly that over here. Our windows are covered in post-it notes and posters of the beach.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I’m going to put a little disclaimer here:

If you have anything better to do than writing a blog, maybe do that first? I mean, I’m not saying you can’t do any of these really fun actives. But here at TOC, these are actual shenanigans, done at our actual offices; that’s some serious business.

We may or may not have had anything better to do. Proceed at your own curiosity!

It all started with some Morning-Mac — Macaroni and Cheese, that is.

Looking out at the snow got one of our TOC office mates so dreary they could think of nothing else to cheer them up! Nothing at all. Couldn’t think of a single thing. Absolutely nothing works better than some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to lighten the mood — apparently.

Anyway: and what came with it? This adorable finger puppet! So when you’re done enjoying the warmth of the melted cheese and the texture of the delicious noodles, you’ll have a finger-partner to help with your tiring work day!

It’s still on their desk.

After hearing about the puppet becoming the newest member of TOC, one of our friends and co-workers from the lovely Chicago office decided to take their mind off the snow as well.

With nothing else but the handy-dandy Post-it-note-under-the-mouse-sensor-so-it-doesn’t-move trick! It really got our coworkers good! All in a day’s work at TOC.

This trick is highly recommended, but only for use with those that have a sense of humor! Simply put a Post-it note (gotten from The Office Connection, your smart office source, of course) underneath your victim’s mouse and it will block the sensor! Watch as they think their computer is frozen or try to replace the batteries, only to find that they were pranked!

Ah, the joys of the big city.

As luck might have it, it’s one of the TOC member’s birthday! Isn’t that great? We love to celebrate birthdays here; it’s a fun company, really.

Well, those folks who work in the Chicago office are trying to have our Farmington Hills office beat!

Armed with an insatiable desire for pranks, gags, and laughs, the TOC Chicago office members, on their lunches (of course), decided to gang up and “deck out” the lucky birthday desk!

Birthday Desk. That’s what they named it.

Hearing the proud laughs and taunts from the TOC Chicago branch no-less than ignited the pranking fumes from the Michigan location!

Really all in good spirit, I might add. But let’s face it. We won.

I introduce you, if you look to your left, the TOC-Michigan-Branch-Snow-Covered-Let’s-Pretend-It’s-Warm Birthday Desk!

Don’t forget, make sure you get all your post-it notes from The Office Connection — the smartest source for your office, of course.

I hope you enjoyed the first post of our brand new “Smart” TOC Blog!

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See you next time!


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